Planetray Gearbox-SNP Series

Planetary Gearbox with Output Shaft

Enclosed design with High Rating Torque and Low inertia.
Planetary Gearbox with Shaft End

Planetary Gearbox with Output Flange

Special output structure for rotating disk (flange) rigidity. Lubricated for life.
Right Angle Gearbox

Right Angle Gearbox

Hollow Shaft and Solid Shaft. Adjustable backlash, suitable low load.
Hollow Rotary Gearbox

Hollow Rotary Reducer

Max Backlash of 30 arc-seconds. Large hollow rotary flange – hollow bore for wiring or shafts.
Harmonic Gearbox With Solid Shaft End

Harmonic Gearbox- Cup Type

Large flange rotary plate and high accuracy. Short axial dimension.
Harmonic Gearbox With Hollow Shaft End

Harmonic Gearbox - Hat Type

Diverse appearance; suitable for a robot arms. Short axial dimension.
Cycloidal Gearbox

Cycloidal Gearbox

High torque with wide ratio in short axial dimensions.Large flange rotary face.
AGV Wheel

AGV Wheel

Encoder compatible, High load carrying capacity Automated Guided Vehicle Wheels