SMD Low Cost Planetary gearbox

low cost planetary

Pricing is an important factor for the Gearbox consideration or the selection of Gearbox. The cost of the Gearbox is determined by various factors like the Budget of the machinery, Application etc, for example if there is a linear motion transfer in any application the customer has a chance of choosing a variety of products like pneumatic Cylinder, Hydraulic Cylinder, Gearbox with Rack and Pinion, screw jack where the customer chooses a minimum cost product. Often the customer decides the number of Gearbox used in an application but why pay a higher price for high duty gearbox for a lightweight application. As a Best Servo Gearbox Supplier we have helped many of our customers to reduce their Gearbox cost upto 40% by giving their appropriate solution and meeting their performance expectations. One of our customers needed 15 gearbox in a particular machinery but all the 15 gearbox were of no need to be precise, Hence we suggested a appropriate solution to use low torque and high torque gearbox in a particular position which would reduce cost of the application. The customer was able to get more light weight and corrosion proof gearbox that fits their Gearbox Budget.

SMD Planetary Gearbox is the most sold Gearbox in our Economic category as it is used in various Industries such as Automation and Robotics, Packaging, Machine tooling, Agriculture, Warehouse and Material Handling etc. There are various factors that decides the pricing of this SMD Planetary gearbox; one of the main reason is Manufacturing Capacity or the production cost. It is determined by the production capacity of a factory or the gears to be used for example helical gears are higher in price and spur Gears are comparatively lower. Our Gearbox are manufactured in Taiwan which also results into less production and transportation cost than European countries. Often when it comes to delivery of the Gearbox the after-sales-service or the local support also matters for price considerations. Initially partnering with low cost gearbox manufacturers seems profitable but in the long end the customer doesn’t think of Services or maintenance cost which defeats the entire purpose of gearbox selection or price negotiation.

low cost planetary

Low Cost Planetary gearbox has a huge market in India. SMD Gearbox is one among the handful Gearbox suppliers who have managed to the serve the Customers well with the economic Gearbox solutions. But the question is How do we do it? Its only because of Manufacturing Technology. This Technology helps us to cater competitive advantage in India and overseas market for planetary Gearbox series with cost oriented approach. This Price is mostly reduced by keeping achieving mass production and lowering the transportation cost in mind.

Our SPE Series ( SMD Planetary Economical Series ) can be used in various applications where high precision and stable operation is required. This High Precision Gearbox ensures stability, long term accuracy and can be used in robotics , automation technology, Machine tools, lifting and transportation, food industry etc.

SMD SPE Series Planetary Gearbox Features :-
  • Low noise.
  • High Transmission efficiency upto 97%
  • Low Backlash below 2 Arc Min.
  • High Rotation Speed upto 10,000 rpm
  • High Speed Reduction ratio
  • Use of fully synthetic grease.
  • High structural rigidity.
  • One-piece structure to ensure maximum torsional rigidity.