SMD AGV Wheels stand for automated guided vehicle wheels also known as Autonomous Mobile Robot Wheels which are used to manufacture these vehicles that are used in Warehousing and Automation Industries. This Robots generally move in a marked line which uses a camera, radio waves or magnets to transport heavy material in a manufacturing unit. In this era where the manufacturing industry is on boost due to various government factors the increase in the used of this Robots has increased after 20th century. AGV’s are used in nearly every application such as Robotics, Warehousing, Machine tool, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical etc. to move products on assembly line or transport products from one end to another. In today’s world AGV play a vital role in designing the layout of the factory and procurement of machines. AGVs are mostly used in industries because it acts as a cost-saving solution, In exchange for the initial investment that it takes to purchase an AGV, employers save money by eliminating ongoing costs that accompany human personnel: salary, healthcare, retirement benefits, vacation and sick time, overtime pay.

Types of AGV’s :-
  • AGV Pallet trucks which are used to transfer palletized loads.
  • AGV towing vehicles which are used to transfer heavy loads in the factory.
  • AGV Forklift Trucks which are used to transfer heavy loads in a unit or in a racks or stands.
  • Light Load transporters which are used to transfer small weights for a small distance.
  • Assembly Line Vehicles which are used for light weight transmission especially for assembly lines.

  • This AGV’s used Guidance system to keep the vehicle in the designated paths, with the help of AGV Wheels this AGV’s can turn into 360℃ rotation when used in combination. The guidance path that AGV’s have usually depend on application and working environment. There are various Guidance system through which the AGV’s operate like Wire guided, optical guidance, Infrared guidance system, laser guidance system etc. There are also various types of control systems available for loading and unloading of products which are ; Computer Controlled, Remote dispatch control system and manual control system.

    Applications of AGV’s:-

    AGV’s are used in applications which require repetitive movements of material in high or certain volumes. It can be also used in applications where material tracking is important and late delivery causes inefficiency.

  • 1. Raw Material Handling.
  • 2. Pallet Handling
  • 3. Finish Product Handling.
  • 4. Container Handling.
  • 5. Trailer Loading etc.

  • SMD wheels have huge demand in the Automated Guided Vehicle industry where we provide AGV Wheel in two types, Mecanum wheel and Traction Wheel. This Wheels comes with integrated motor and Harmonic Gearbox because of which it produces less noise and vibration. With the use of this AGV Wheel the vehicle can also achieve 360℃ rotation when used in combination.