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About Us
SMD is a solution provider of various types of industrial Gearbox in Taiwan. SMD is one of the largest solution provider and exporter of Gearbox as well as Motion Products. SMD earned their position in the market as professional solution provider of mechanical products, which specialize in designing, planning, production and sales of integrity. With the innovation and passion, we are committed to being your best business partner in the field of Gearbox and motion technology.

We have experienced technocrats and engineers in our team who are continuously developing the best quality gearbox that satisfied customer requirements. Teamwork and innovation create a great work environment.
Global Head office is situated in Taichung City, Taiwan. Our major sales offices and representatives are available in India & other part of the world too.

As a leader in technology, professional industrial solution and rich industrial achievement, SMD Gearbox are widely used in Automation, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Engineering, Medical, Agriculture, Machine tool, etc. Industries. SMD is popular in market for outstanding and speedy deliveries of quality gearboxes.

Diversify Business Domain

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SMD is committed to developing its business through different growth strategies: expanding the geographical range of its operations through full-scale globalization, purposefully expanding its domains through the development of new business areas, and utilizing technology.

Our Mission

We aim to provide our best services to our clients at the highest satisfaction level.
SMD Vision
SMD Mission


Create a Global Presence in the motion transmission industry by standardization and more innovative gearbox, which enhance value and satisfaction level of our customer.